Experience nature from horseback!
Our Icelandic horses will take you through a riders' paradise of forests, streams and lakes!


The beautiful scenery and professional facilities makes Mesna the perfect place for your event, from weddings to seminars and conferences.


Mesnabakken with its choice of charming restored guest houses offers cosy and comfortable accommodation for your party.


Mesna Farm lies by the shore of the South Mesna Lake, a short drive from the Olympic town of Lillehammer. The farm is home to a lively herd of more than 60 Icelandic horses, and offers horse trekking and other outdoor activities as well as professional facilities for all kinds of gatherings and events, with comfortable accommodation at the Mesnabakken Guest House.


Sørmessenvegen 723 | 2610 Mesnali, Norway | | Tel: +47 978 70 309 969198 932

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