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In 2015, the big screen came to Mesna when the feature film Birkebeinerne, directed by Nils Gaup,was filmed in the area. The whole Li Hauger family and over 40 of the horses took part in the filming, and the praise from the production staff and crew for the locations, the horses and the staff ensured that film has now become another important part of the Mesna repertoire.

Other productions filmed at Mesna include: Lillyhammer TV series, comedy, advertising and promotional films etc.

Lillehammer: 25 minutes 

Hamar: 45 minutes

Oslo: 2 hours

Bergen: 7 hours


Railway Station: 20 minutes

International Airport: 1 hour 45 minutes

Film Location Mesna

Film Location Mesna


Pine Trees, Rolling Hill Landscape

Endless hectares of rolling hill- and forest landscape with dense pine forest and open fields with surrounding trees. All areas accessible by vehicles via numerous access roads. Power available via generator. Access to Lillehammer (and Maihaugen Museum) in 20 minutes. Sjusjøen mountain area is situated 15 minutes away,

Rolling Paddocks and Gravel Road

In front of Mesnabakken is a large rolling paddock area with long grass and wildflowers in summer. Longer distance view across to lake. Small older style cabin nestled in pine trees. The main road (gravel) that passes the property features a number of curves with trees and grassland sides and extended views to the lake. Road can be closed upon application.

Horse Arena

The horse arena is situated 200 meters from the stables, in a quiet wooded area, free from any kind of disturbance. The grounds comprise a 250-meter sand and gravel covered oval track with light and sound system. The track is surrounded by a timber fence.


North of Mesnabakken is a running stream that flows into the lake. The road crosses the stream via a small concrete bridge. Extended views with no powerlines both upstream and downstream. The stream freezes in winter. Easily accessible rocks and small flat stone areas on each side of the stream. Grassy edges of stream through property.

Parking Area

There are various large parking areas at Mesna. Each film location also has its own parking lot, suitable for larger vehicles and trucks. Portable toilets etc. can all be towed directly to these areas.

Barn and Office Area

The old hayloft has been turned into a unique room. The original ceiling with swallows' nests is intact and the large windows provide a fantastic view. The barn is equipped with:

  • Small kitchen and bar

  • Projector with large screen

  • Sound system

This area is ideal for planning meetings, seating 85 people at long tables. Can easily be converted to crew eating area. Small adjacent closed-in areas available for staging and green rooms. 

The barn also contains a new conference/dining room with seating for another 60 people. This includes:

  • Fully equipped catering kitchen

  • New toilets/washrooms


Beneath the barn, on the ground floor, are the stables with individual horse boxes. Sawdust floor. Power. Situated in the same area is an office, saddle and tack rooms, workshops, toilets and showers.


Landscaped English-style gardens are a feature of the property and extend through to cultivated vegetable gardens.

Fields Around Lake

There is a large area of paddocks and trees that extend across the property to the lake. These feature varied trees to the edge along with large open paddocks. Mains power is available on site. Parking in area available. Summer landscape is typical Norwegian and can be used for a variety of country representations. In winter the area is covered in snow with paths leading through the trees.

Cabins (Medieval)

After the filming of Birkebeinerne, Mesna obtained three of the cabins that were used in the film. The cabins are now located outside cultivated fields and secluded from all sides. They create an ideal area for any type of location that requires rustic cabins. Full electrical power available.

The Lake

Southern Mesna Lake extends 10 kilometres. In summer, small secluded bays with pebble beaches. In winter, the lake is frozen, allowing access and filming on the ice.

Mesnabakken Accommodation

Mesnabakken is a recently refurbished former pension. There is wireless internet and substantial parking areas for vehicles and crew.


Main building (28 beds)

Most rooms are doubles, but there are also some single and family rooms. All rooms are equipped with a wash basin. The toilet- and shower facilities are shared, and are located in the basement, with additional toilet on the 2nd floor. On the ground floor there is a well-equipped commercial kitchen. Large dining and common rooms.


Annexe (8 beds)

A charming smaller house next to the main building. Ideal for senior crew accommodation. There are 4 bedrooms on the 1st floor with 8 beds. The ground floor consists of living room, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom with shower, bathtub and toilet.

Uthuset (6 beds)

A further 3 double bedrooms are located in the workshop building across from the main house. One of them is a cosy room with double bed and log burner. Toilets and bathroom facilities are in the main house.

Kaarhuset (2 beds)

Kaarhuset is located across the yard from the main building. There is 1 twin bedroom on the lower floor, with separate toilet. The rest of the house is currently in private use.

The Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horse is a remarkable breed. Sure-footed, sensation and intelligent, with a spirited temperament and large personality, the breed was originally shipped to Iceland by Viking-age Scandinavians in late 800 AD. 


Venerated in Norse mythology and loved and respected by all that work with them, the Icelandic horse is still used for sheepherding in its native country as well as showing, racing and riding in more than 15 nations. As well as the traditional gaits of walk, trot and canter/gallop, the Icelandic horse has two additional gaits: the tølt and the flying pace, making it a technical challenge as well as great fun to ride. 

The tölt features fast acceleration and speed, which is both comfortable and ground-covering. The skein (flying pace) allows the horses to reach speeds of up to 48 km/h in a fast and smooth manner.


The team at Mesna are experts dealing with these amazing horses. They can be utilised in many different film scenarios and their intelligence allows them to work in demanding situations with very little stress. They have access to a number of experienced riders, men and women, and can supply over forty horses that can be transported for filming anywhere in Norway.

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For more information about filming at Mesna, please click here for a detailed guide or contact us.

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