The Icelandic horse is unique. Bred on Iceland from the first horses brought there by the Vikings 1000 years ago,
the tough Icelandic horse is adapted to outdoor living and can handle any terrain like a 4-wheel drive...
Intelligent and sensitive, this horse will give any rider a new experience of nature – seen from horseback!
And for the experienced rider, mastering the special gaits of the Icelandic horse, the tølt and maybe even the flying pace, is a unique riding challenge!

At Mesna we offer shorter and longer rides all year round, from a 2-hour experience in the forests around our farm to a full-day trip with a coffee break around an open campfire, or even a 3- or 4-day trek into the mountains.
From our 60-strong herd we place great emphasis on finding the perfect match of horse for every rider.

2-hour experience

Horse treks in the unique forest terrain around Lake Mesna, with guides. We select the horse, pace and ride to suit the riders' abilities, and if necessary we divide the group to give everyone a good experience.
For riders of all abilities. I individuals and groups. All year. NOK 750,-/person

Half day trek

A half day ride (3-4 hours) gives you the opportunity to get to know your horse and get a feel of the special gaits of the icelandic breed over varied terrain, on paths and smaller roads through the wide forest.

For experienced riders. All year. NOK 950,-/person

Full Day Trek

The Ringsaker mountains offer hills and lakes, and the forests are criss-crossed by good riding trails and roads. Packhorse and coffee pot are included, and half way through we gather around the campfire for a packed lunch while the horses graze.

For experienced riders. May - September. NOK 1250,-/person

Into the blue

Thee-day ride, destination unknown! On our "Into the blue"-rides we trailer a few of our horses out from the farm and explore a new terrain. The destination is yet to be decided, but save the dates if you're interested! 

For experienced riders.


Dates 2020:

Ride 1: 28.-30. august: Into the Blue weekend
Ride 2: 31. august-02. september: Into the Blue

Price and destination to be confirmed!

The Mesna Ride

A full day ride around Lake Mesna, the traditional start of our summer season! The large gathering of riders ride together to Mattisvolden, where the horses rest and we have a BBQ and a swim if the weather allows! The ride circles the North and South Mesna Lakes, through forest and along dirt tracks where you can stretch out in a fast tølt.


Date 2020:

07. June, 10 am. All-day ride
Price NOK 1350,-/person

Riders with private horses at Mesna: Free

Riders with private horses, not stabled at Mesna: NOK 500,-

Riding Camps

The favourite week of the year for riders! Participants stay at Mesnabakken Pension, a stone's throw from the stables, in 1-3 bed rooms, full board. There are lessons in the arena as well as treks in the forest and in mountain terrain. Various evening activities, or free time to explore the area.
For beginners and experienced riders. 

Dates 2020:

We regret to have to cancel riding camp for children and youngsters because of Covid-19. We hope to see you and your family again in 2021!

We still hope to be able to put on the grownups only riding camp:

31. July-05. August. 5 riding days, 5 nights. NOK 8750,-/person

Private riding lessons for all ages

Kristoffer Hauger and Camilla Li both have more than 40 years' riding experience, and both are qualified riding instructors (RIK 3). Please contact us if you want private instruction, and we'll suggest a personal plan for you.

All year. NOK 400.-/person/hour. Horse rental is an additional NOK 200.-.

...or perhaps you have never been on a horse, and want a safe start? For the youngest riders we offer treks on a lead, where kids get a first feel of balance in the saddle, at a safe pace.
All year. NOK 400.-/person/hour.

Stabling and horse training

If you stable your horse with us, we take responsibility for the full care of your horse. We have new facilities with heated tack rooms, showers for horse and rider, toilets and common room. Round pen and oval track arena as well as unique trekking terrain. Your horse will be part of our herd, unless you prefer a separate paddock, and you can join our rides, there is always company available!

All year. NOK 3600.-/month, or NOK 250.-/day.

During the winter we offer starting and training of young horses. Or perhaps you need help with an older horse?

NOK 5500,- + VAT, incl. stabling.

Leasing a horse

Are you dreaming of having your own horse, and ride whenever you want? Perhaps leasing a horse would be something for you? We select a suitable horse for you from our herd, and you can either lease it exclusively (100%, full lease) or partly (50%). You have to be able to get the horse from the field, saddle it and be responsible for your own riding.

Leases are available from October through May. Experienced riders only. NOK 2250.-/month for a 25% lease (7 riding days/month), 2700.-/month for a 50% lease (14 riding days) and 3500.-/month for 100%, full lease.


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