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The Icelandic horse is unique. Bred on Iceland from the first horses brought there by the Vikings 1000 years ago,
the tough Icelandic horse is adapted to outdoor living and can handle any terrain like a 4-wheel drive...
Intelligent and sensitive, this horse will give any rider a new experience of nature – seen from horseback!
And for the experienced rider, mastering the special gaits of the Icelandic horse, the tølt and maybe even the flying pace, is a unique riding challenge!

At Mesna we offer shorter and longer rides all year round, from a 2-hour experience in the forests around our farm to a full-day trip with a coffee break around an open campfire, or even a 3- or 4-day trek into the mountains.
From our 60-strong herd we place great emphasis on finding the perfect match of horse for every rider.

BOOKING: To book your ride, please email us at
Horse Riding

Horse Riding

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